S.T.A.R M/C was transformed by a group of 12 determined ladies
with a mission to stay together as a family. We were FAMILY for
over a year before becoming S.T.A.R. M/C. WE are not just a
motorcycle club but we are FAMILY. We genuinely care about each
other as women. We were determined not to become victims of
our circumstances or surroundings. And through that
determination, we have transformed into Sisters Together that are
Always Real.
We are all females and we are all riders. We ride for the shear joy
of the event. We are all dedicated to our individual families as well
as our Motorcycle family. We give to the community so look for us
out there in the community doing work. We are doing big things in
the community and the Motorcycle community so watch out for us.

We are what is hot for the up and coming years.  

We would like to thank all of our fellow motorcycle clubs for all of
your support during our changes. Thank you for keeping in mind
that a club is about the PEOPLE, not the NAME.

A special thanks to our Brother Club the
Tru Ikonz M/C of Augusta, GA.